Today is Day 12 post surgery (ACL reconstruction w/allograft) and the hobble is feeling strong! Dr. Fanton’s handiwork and a visual record of my recovery till now:

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I did a lot of prehab to prepare for surgery, including traditional PT and a pretty basic supine Ashtanga series designed by my longtime yoga teacher.  Keeping the rest of my body limber and strong has really helped keep my mood up while I’m stuck inside.

I chose to have my surgery over the holidays because….what better time to be forcibly confined with your family, right?!  Really though, having lots of activity around the house has made my physical limitations much more bearable.

Apart from a minor, totally predictable vasovagal reaction pre-surgery, my hospital experience was a breeze.  While I was being wheeled into the recovery room, I (apparently) tried to jump off the table and head home.  I have no memory of the five nurses it took to subdue me, just waking up on an anesthetic cloud.

I feel pretty lucky to have had almost no post-surgical pain…just the very odd sensation that one of my limbs is not exactly working.  Needless to say, I’m happy to be back on my feet.  It’s been super inspiring to find lots of other lady climbers crushing their rehab and adapting to their changed bodies (like Steph Davis!).  Crossing my fingers that it’s just a few more weeks till I’m back on the wall!


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