My partner turned me on to these short little videos, If Our Bodies Could Talk. Produced by The Atlantic, they feature a self-deprecating Dougie-Howser-type reporting on “offbeat” health topics. I like this one about setting your phone screen to grayscale, to reduce that itchy-fingered addiction. I’ve been experimenting with it for the past few days, and I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in overall time spent using my phone. When I do use it, anecdotally my uses seem tilted towards “doing” something with my phone rather than being entertained by it–answering an email, drafting a post, updating a calendar or a list.

As Hamblin notes, Instagram looks pretty terrible in black-and-white. Since my phone is my primary camera, I realized quickly that I rely heavily on color to set up my pictures–the photos I took at a colorful winery on Mother’s Day shooting in b/w turned out poorly framed and drab. Fortunately, at least on iPhones, there  is also an option to set grayscale as an accessibility shortcut, so that triple-clicking the home button will change your screen back and forth.

I definitely gravitate towards a different sort of photo for my background screens when using the grayscale mode. I prefer the JTree boulder on my lock screen in b/w, and on my current background, I like how the globe of the light on the Metro sign stands out a bit more without color.

Increased productivity? Remains to be seen–maybe more mindful procrastination, and definitely less anxiety.



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